CSIR Technology Awards 2020

CSIR Technology Awards seek to foster and encourage multi-disciplinary in-house team efforts and external interaction for technology development, transfer and commercialization. Technology Award comprises a cash prize of Rs. 2 lakh, a plaque and a citation. “Most Significant CSIR Technology of the Five Year Plan Period” has a cash prize of Rs 5 lakh.


Life Sciences

Ch. Raji Reddy, P. Nagender, Prathama S. Mainkar, S. Chandrasekhar 

CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemicals Technology, Hyderabad


For outstanding contributions to affordable healthcare, by developing a novel and cost-effective process for the synthesis of Favipiravir to combat COVID-19.


Certificate of Merit

Rakesh Kumar, Atya Kapley, Ritesh Vijay, Hemant Bherwani, Rita Dhodapkar, Tuhin Banerjee, Saisaurabh Asoria 

CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur


For Restoration of Nallah with Ecological units (RENEU) – an in situ low-cost wastewater treatment technology developed by CSIR-NEERI as alternative sewage management of domestic wastewater. 


Physical Sciences (including Engineering)

Manis Kumar Jha, Jhumki Hait, Ranjeet Kumar Singh, Pankaj Kumar Choubey and  Archana Kumari 

CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur


For developing indigenous technology to extract cobalt and gold from the black cathode material of Li-Co batteries and the gold-coated surface of e-waste. It is the first indigenous technology for recycling of Co, Au and recovery of Mn, Cu, Ni, Li, graphite as a by-product.


J. Raghava Rao, B.U Nair, K.J. Sreeram, R. Aravindhan, M. Sathish

CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute


For developing Zero Formaldehyde High-Performance Chromium - Melamine Synthetic Tanning Agent for Greener Leather Manufacturing. 



Yoosaf Karuvath, Kaustabh Kumar Maiti, Narayanan Unni, Elizabeth Jacob, Robert Philip, Ajay Agarwal, Rishi Sharma 

CSIR-National Institute of Interdisciplinary Science and Technology and CSIR-Central Electronics Engineering Research  Institute


For developing a low-cost multipurpose handheld Raman spectrometer for automated analytical and diagnostic application, particularly for testing of food and pharmaceutical adulteration. 


Business Development and Technology Marketing

Ramesh Sundaram, Ramesh Kumar M, Ravi Kumar P, Kotresh M Gaddikeri, Byji Varughese and J S Mathur 

CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories, Bengaluru   


For Successful Commercialization of Composite Technology Towards Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) – Tejas IOC series Production. 


Most Significant CSIR Technology of Five Year Plan

Vinod Karar, Prabhulla Chandran, Divya Agrawal, Surender Singh Saini, Harry Garg, Shravana Kumar R.R., Amit Lochan Sharma, Mukesh Kumar, Sanjay Sharma, Prabhat Kumar Baghel, Vipan Kumar, Sandeep Singhai

CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, Chandigarh


For developing Head-up Display Variants and Associated Test Equipment for Multiple Aircraft Platforms in association with Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), Bengaluru and Bharat Electronics Limited, Panchkula. The developed Head-up Display variants operate in multiple operational modes while providing vital flight information to pilot in real-time via an interface with Mission Computer and Up-Front Control Panel.