"Prof. A.N. Bhaduri Memorial Lecture Award-2020" to Dr SusantKar, CSIR-CDRI

To recognise the significant contributions towards defining the survival tactics of Leishmania donovani, Society of Biological Chemists (India) has chosen Dr SusantaKar, Senior Scientist, Molecular Parasitology and Immunology, CSIR-CDRI (Central Drug Research Institute), Lucknow, for this year's Prof. A.N. Bhaduri Memorial Lecture Award.

Leishmania donovani is a protozoan parasite that infects macrophages and is a causative agent of visceral leishmaniasis (Kala-Azar), a lethal infectious disease affecting millions worldwide. His research group study the interaction of Leishmania with immune cells like macrophages, dendritic cells and T cells and the fate of these interactions on the modulation of various intracellular signalling cascades that ultimately affect immune response/infection progression.

Society of Biological Chemists (India) has instituted many awards, in order to recognise the meritorious and significant contributions made by the researchers/scientists on the development of biological sciences in the country. The Society of Biological Chemists (India) or SBC(I) was founded in 1930, with its Head Quarters at Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. This prestigious society was registered under the Societies Act in the then Princely State of Mysore. 

The award is conferred in every two years. Recipient of the award should be below 50 years of age. Award is given for Biological Chemistry and Allied sciences, preferably related to parasitic infections. Awardee has to deliver an award oration at the Annual Meeting of SBC(I).