CSIR-NCL and GMM-Pfaudler Sign Licensing Agreement for Glass-lined Micro-reactors

CSIR-NCL and GMM-Pfaudler teams during the signing of the agreement


Continuous flow manufacturing is considered as the future of pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry. A large number of Indian industries are moving into continuous flow synthesis. Micro-reactors/flow reactors are the most important part of continuous manufacturing.

        CSIR-NCL has developed the first of its kind miniaturised glass-lined flow reactors, where glass is coated on metal, thereby increasing the chemical compatibility of the reactors without compromising on its performance.

           On 17 February 2020, Prof. Ashwini Kumar Nangia, Director CSIR-NCL and Mr Tarak Patel, Managing Director, GMM-Pfaudler Ltd, signed a licensing agreement for designing, engineering, fabrication and marketing of these precision reactors. 

              GMM Pfaudler Limited is a 58-year-old leading manufacturer and supplier of glass-lined and engineered equipment and systems for critical applications in the global chemical and pharmaceutical markets. These glass-lined micro-reactors designed by Dr Amol A. Kulkarni and co-workers are patented by CSIR-NCL. These micro-reactors are the first of its kind among the existing micro-reactors and flow reactors typically available in metals, polymers, glass and ceramic. They are expected to occupy a niche place in chemical manufacturing and the team will work closely with GMM Pfaudler Ltd. for developing the successful implementation of the technology. 

                These composite material flow reactors will be able to handle corrosive chemicals and will also be able to handle reactions at high temperature and high pressure.

               After signing of the agreement Mr Tarak Patel mentioned that their early response from the market research has been excellent and with the help of scientists from CSIR-NCL they will cater to the manufacturing of agrochemicals and pharmaceutical sectors primarily handling halogenated reactants, intermediates and products. The reactors have already been tested for such reactions.

               Prof. Nangia stated that R&D at CSIR-NCL on flow synthesis and micro-reactors has been at par with international groups. The activity was started through in-house funding in 2007 and subsequently funded by CSIR. 

             Mr Ashok Pillai, the Chief Operating Officer, GMM Pfaudler said that through the industry consortium on micro-reactors at CSIR-NCL, he has been closely associated with the activity of designing these reactors. GMM Pfaudler will be using their patented fabrication methodology for making these reactors and sees new opportunities in this segment.