CSIR-IHBT Celebrates International Yoga Day

CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology (CSIR-IHBT), Palampur, celebrated the 7th International Day of Yoga on 21 June 2021 through video conferencing.

Dr Sanjay Kumar, Director, CSIR-IHBT in his inaugural address highlighted the importance of Yoga in our daily life. He informed the audience that the idea was conceived and proposed by our Honorable Prime Minister and thereafter the efforts of the Government of India led to the celebration of 21st June as International Yoga Day by the United Nations. More than 177 countries supported the idea in the United Nations General Assembly. In his address, the Director further explained the history of Yoga and the contribution of Sage Patanjali.

As part of the celebration at CSIR-IHBT, a Yoga expert demonstrated various yoga asanas and meditation techniques for the relaxation of body and mind to the CSIR-IHBT staff. He also showed how to do kapalbhati and pranayam for greater benefits. He said that practising yoga would be of great help in improving scientific productivity and in achieving our goals more effectively. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks by Dr Vipin Hallan, Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR-IHBT.