Shri U. Raja Babu Delivers the National Science Day Lecture at CSIR-NCL

Shri U. Raja Babu, during the Lecture            


CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, celebrated the National Science Day with a lecture by Shri U. Raja Babu, Project Director, Mission Shakti, DRDO, Hyderabad, on “Technological Challenges: Missile and Space Defence” on 28 February 2020. 

Shri U. Raja Babu initiated his talk saying, “Mission Shakti is not only a mission; it is a message to the world that India has graduated to be a major power. The technological prowess and scientific capability of the nation is growing.” He touched upon different aspects of Science & Technology evolution in general, focusing on the defence technologies and evolution of the warfare. He explained the advancements in the modern and future warfare systems in comparison with the ancient, medieval, pre-modern warfare.  

Shri Raja Babu said that warfare evolves with technology. With the evolution of these weapons, traditional warfare techniques disappeared. We are now in a modern warfare era where electronic warfare has been used extensively. Today we are in a platform-centric mode where the fighting person has to be on a platform in front of the battlefield to face the enemy and fight the war. He said that technology has been changing fast; the battles don’t have to be fought on the warfield; wars can now be remotely controlled from multiple locations. The network-centric warfare, information and cyber warfare will be predominant in the years to come.

Shri Raja Babu also talked about Mission Shakti and the challenges and difficulties in ballistic missile defence. He also spoke about the emerging missile threats and their types. Further, he informed about the use of radars/optical sensors, command and control centre, communication network and launch control centre, major challenges in the satellite interceptor missile including the firing time uncertainty due to sensor errors, uncertainty in the encounter scenarios, high obliquity problem and multilayered protection barriers to protect the payload. He said that the anti-satellite systems are designed to neutralise the adversaries. He also touched upon the recent advances in anti-satellite technologies that are being developed by China, USA and Russia. 

Earlier, Prof. Ashwini Kumar Nangia, Director, CSIR-NCL, gave the welcome remarks. The programme was concluded with the presentation of National Science Day Awards and Poster Presentation Awards.