CSIR Diamond Jubilee Technology Award 2020

The CSIR Diamond Jubilee Technology Award seeks to recognise and honour outstanding technical innovation that has contributed significantly to the enhancement of national prestige. It carries a cash prize of Rs 10 lakh, a citation and a shield.

The CSIR Diamond Jubilee Technology Award is expected to inspire and motivate the Indian industry to take up many more daring and challenging ventures to help lead globally and thus make India proud.

CSIR Diamond Jubilee Technology Award for the year 2020 is conferred jointly on:


1) CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories and M/s Tata Aerospace Limited jointly for their technology entitled “Successful commercialisation of indigenously developed state of the art composite technologies for series production of LCA (Tejas aircraft)”.

A unique feature of the technology is the use of co-curing technology for LCATejas which has resulted in an overall weight reduction of 20% in the airframe of LCA. Apart from making the aircraft much lighter, there are fewer joints or rivets, which increases the aircraft's reliability and lowers its susceptibility to structural fatigue cracks. The state of art composite technologies are very important for the strategic sector and has resulted in significant savings in foreign exchange as well as the generation of substantial revenues. The technologies have been successfully commercialised to private & public industries.


2) Spray Engineering Device Pvt. Ltd, Mohali, Punjab, for their technology entitled “Low-Temperature Evaporation Technology”. The technology is based on a Mechanical Vapour Compression system under vacuum for the recovery up to 99% of high-quality clean water from the industrial effluents/ wastewater/ sewerage, etc.

A unique feature of the technology is that the technology is without the use of any external heat source. The technology has wide applications in the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors, thus achieving not only Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) but also making it Zero Liquid Intake (ZLI) during various processes. The technology has immense societal impact owing to energy-saving and reusability of water. CSIR applauds and honours both the winners for their significant technology-driven innovative ventures, thus making India proud.