National Award for CSIR-AMPRI

CSIR-Advanced Materials and Processes Research Institute (AMPRI), Bhopal, received the National Societal Innovation Award of the Year 2020 from National Research Development Corporation (an Enterprise of DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt of India) for their invention entitled “Lead-Free X-ray Shielding Red Mud Tiles”.

Dr Avanish Kumar Srivastava, Director, CSIR-AMPRI, informed that the institute has been working on the conversion of various industrial waste into value-added products. In this invention, CSIR-AMPRI has converted hazardous red mud, which is an alumina industrial waste, into X-ray shielding tiles as an alternative to toxic lead. The 12 mm thick tiles developed by CSIR-AMPRI can be used to replace the 2mm thick toxic lead or its equivalent, which are currently used to make X-ray shielding walls, floor, ceiling, door and windows of X-ray diagnosis room, CT scanner, Cath lab etc., to protect public, patient, operating personals, and the environment from the radiation hazard.

The technology for the conversion of red mud into X-ray shielding tiles was transferred to M/s Prism Johnson Ltd., on 10 June 2019. CSIR-AMPRI demonstrated the use of these tiles in two X-ray diagnoses, one CT scanner and one Cath lab of M/s Saideep Healthcare and Research Pvt Ltd, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. These tiles are accredited by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Govt of India. The developed tiles will be commercialised soon. CSIR-AMPRI is further working to shield very high energy X-rays, gamma rays and neutrons to build medical therapy rooms, nuclear power plants, sterilization plants, industrial X-rays, etc. The conversion of red mud into X-ray shielding tiles will decrease primary mining, environmental pollution and accumulation of industrial waste. It will also reduce deforestation and displacement of tribes caused by mining.