Bharatiya Nirdeshak Dravya (BND®) Released at CSIR-NPL – Towards AtmaNirbharBharat

pH BNDs (Aashvi Tech.) by Dr D.K. Aswal


BPCL Quality Assurance (QA) department and M/s Aashvi Technology LLP (ATL) joined hands with CSIR-National Physical Laboratory (CSIR-NPL) for manufacturing and marketing of “Bharatiya Nirdeshak Dravya” (Certified Reference Material) to ensure correct and accurate results of Lab Instruments under the “AtmaNirbharBharat” programme of Honourable Prime Minister of India.

The BNDs (Bharatiya Nirdeshak Dravya) were released at CSIR-NPL, New Delhi on 18 August 2020. CSIR-NPL is the only National Metrological Institute of India with direct traceability to SI units.

Petroleum & Petrochemical Laboratories will use the CRM (BND) for calibration of the equipment. In India, almost 200 Laboratories (including PSUs & Pvt. labs) catering to Petroleum fuel testing will be benefited by using cheap indigenous BND. This will result in cost reduction to the tune of at least 50% and saving of foreign exchange as well. The possibility of exporting the BNDs to neighbouring south Asian countries is also being explored.

The BND was released by the Director, CSIR -NPL Dr D.K. Aswal, in a virtual program on MS team in presence of Head BND Dr Pant, BPCL CGM (P&AD) Shri Debashis Ganguli, and Aashvi Tech CMD Dr Neeraj Pandey.

Director CSIR-NPL, Dr D.K. Aswal in his inaugural speech emphasized that the BND have metrology traceability to SI (International System of Units) and shall be accepted across the globe. This shall support the emerging economy of our country through an established quality and measurement system.

Head of BND, Dr R.P. Pant elaborated on the process of BND certification, importance of Certified Reference Material (CRM) in Indian context and the latest initiatives of the GOI. 

Sh. N. Venkateswaran CEO, NABL expressed his sincere thanks to CSIR-NPL, Aashvi Tech. and BPCL for this unique initiative and strengthening the production and marketing of BND with the highest level of traceability.

Mr Debashis Ganguli CGM, (P&AD) Lubes said that this association shall play a major role to establish the Make in India initiative of the Government of India and to meet the “AtmaNirbharAbhiyaan” with “Vocal for Local” initiatives of Honourable Prime Minister of India. 

Mr R. Subramanian, DGM QA HQ expressed that the collaboration with CSIR-NPL shall enhance the brand Image of BPCL in national and international markets.

Dr Neeraj Pandey CMD Aashvi Tech LLP, expressed his sincere thanks to CSIR-NPL and other regulatory bodies for providing all support. He emphasized on cheaper pH BNDs for school and colleges students.