Other Events
NCL at 100: Building Memories of the Future

CSIR-NCL 72 Foundation Day Celebration

CSIR-HRDC Conducts Various Programmes

CSIR-HRDC (Human Resource Development Centre), Ghaziabad, organised an online Programme on Ethics in Research and Governance during 23-25 August 2021.

Launch of CSIR Virtual Lab Platform

Launch of CSIR Virtual Lab Platform under CSIR Jigyasa Initiative.

CSIR-CECRI Celebrates 74th Foundation Day Celebration

Dr Shekhar C. Mande highlighted the major role played by CSIR-CECRI in shaping the electrochemical technology landscape especially the crucial role in the strategic sector.

CSIR-CCMB Open Days 2021

There will be experimental demonstrations, discussions with scientists and competitions.

CSIR-IHBT Institute Celebrates its 39th Foundation Day

Dr Shekhar C. Mande appreciated the research and development work, scientific achievements and contribution of CSIR-IHBT to society.

International Day of Yoga 2021 at CSIR-CLRI

Quoting Swami Vivekananda “Each soul is potentially divine,” Swamiji said, asanas control nature and the body both internally & externally.

Yoga Day Celebration at CSIR-NIScPR

Prof. Ranjana Aggarwal, Director, CSIR-NIScPR, said that through Yoga a healthy society and nation can be built.

CSIR-CMERI Post-Harvest Technologies for cutting down Huge Losses in Agricultural Produce

CSIR-CMERI has made the Socio-Economic development of the North-Eastern Region one of its primary Technology Objectives.

CSIR-IHBT Celebrates International Yoga Day

As part of the celebration at CSIR-IHBT, a Yoga expert demonstrated various yoga asanas and meditation techniques for the relaxation of body and mind to the CSIR-IHBT staff.

National Technology Day 2021 at CSIR-CLRI

Dr J. Raghava Rao said that CSIR-CLRI has already taken steps in implementing appropriate initiatives focusing on goat leather processing, including techniques to impart sheep-like properties to goat skins.

CSIR-NEERI Observes National Technology Day

Dr S. Chandrasekhar said that CSIR-NEERI is committed to providing a clean and green environment through technological interventions.

National Technology Day 2021 Celebration at CSIR-IMMT

Prof. Ganapati D. Yadav delivered a very informative lecture on "What best hydrogen economy can do for the World in search of net-zero ?".

CSIR-AMPRI Celebrates National Technology Day

Dr A.K. Srivastava said that through the programmes like Jigyasa a large number of students and teachers are getting acquainted with the R&D activities of major research laboratories.

National Technology Day Celebration at CSIR-IHBT

CSIR-IHBT is also leading the CSIR Floriculture Mission in the region and promoting high-value floriculture crop cultivation to enhance farmer’s income and develop entrepreneurship.

CSIR-NCL Celebrates the National Technology Day

“Hydrogen is the only option for deep decarbonisation,” Shri Ravi Pandit.

International Women's Day Celebration at CSIR-IHBT

On this occasion, Dr D.K. Aswal, Director, CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, delivered a lecture on the topic "Leadership for Institution Building: Story of National Physical Laboratory".

CSIR-NISCAIR and VIBHA Launch Thematic Luni-Solar Calendar: The Calendar Educates the Medicinal & Nutritional Values of Food

India has a great repository of traditional knowledge which aims at the health, nutrition and well-being of humans.

58th Foundation Day Programme of CSIR-IMMT

CSIR-Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology (CSIR-IMMT), Bhubaneswar, is conducting its 58th Foundation Day Programme on Tuesday, 13 April 2021. Stay tuned to watch it live.

A Special Session on the Release of a Thematic Luni-Solar Calendar ‘Food as a Medicine’

CSIR-National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (CSIR-NISCAIR), New Delhi, and Vijnana Bharati, will be organising a special session on the release of a thematic Luni-Solar Calendar ‘Food as a Medicine’ on the occasion of Chaitra Shukla Pratipada (Nav Varsh) on 13 April 2021 (10:00-11:00 am)

Two CSIR Labs Celebrate the National Science Day

National Science Day lecture on “Making the Vision of India's New STIP a Reality: What does this mean for the Development of Human Capital?”

Hosting of Student Engineering Model Competition (SEMC) for IISF-2020 at CSIR-CEERI

As a part of IISF 2020, CSIR-CEERI organised the Students Engineering Model Competition (SEMC) & Exposition, in association with Vigyan Bharati Rajasthan during 23-24 December 2020.

Overseas Ministers & Diplomats Conclave (OMDC) — IISF 2020

As part of IISF 2020, the Overseas Science & Technology Ministers Conclave was organised that provided a platform for closely examining the priorities S&T and take stock of challenges faced by partner countries in finding ways and means to deal with the growing menace of COVID-19.

Vigyanika-International Science Literature Festival

VIGYANIKA-International Science Literature Festival was organised as part of IISF 2020 from 22 to 24 December. 

Sustainable and Substantial Goals

The 6th India International Science Festival-IISF 2020 had a vertical focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2030 covering eight aspects – Biodiversity, Clean air, Energy, Habitat (Rural and Urban), Health Research Conclave, Waste & Sanitation, Water and Wellness Conclave.

India International Science Festival 2020

Science and Technology are incomplete unless its benefits percolate to the Society: Prime Minister

CSIR-NBRI Celebrates its 67th Annual Day

CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow, celebrated its 67th Annual Day on 27 October 2020 through online mode.

Vigilance Awareness Week at CSIR-CBRI

CSIR-Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee, observed Vigilance Awareness Week with the theme “Vigilant India, Prosperous India” during 27 October-2 November 2020.

Dr Harsh Vardhan Lays the Foundation of a New Institute NIScPR

Merging of two prestigious institutes CSIR-NISCAIR & CSIR-NISTADS gives birth to a new Institute,  NIScPR

Dr Harsh Vardhan Launches Footwear Sizing system at CSIR-CLRI

Minister of Science and Technology, Health & Family Welfare and Earth Sciences, Dr Harsh Vardhan, on 9 January 2021 launched the Footwear Sizing System, Fashion Forecasting Card and CLRI Comfort Shoes for Women — TOESPRING at CSIR-CLRI (Central Leather Research Institute), Tamil Nadu.

National Metrology Conclave 2021

CSIR-National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New Delhi, organised National Metrology Conclave on 4 January 2021 on its 75th foundation day.

Dr Harsh Vardhan Inaugurates Curtain Raiser India International Science Festival 2020

Minister of S&T, Health & Family Welfare and Earth Sciences, Dr Harsh Vardhan inaugurated the curtain raiser of the virtual mega science event, IISF 2020.

79th CSIR Foundation Day Celebrations at CSIR-CDRI

CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, celebrated the 79th CSIR Foundation Day on 28 September 2020.

79th CSIR Foundation Day Celebration at CSIR-CECRI

CSIR-Central Electrochemical Research Institute (CSIR-CECRI), Karaikudi, celebrated the 79th Foundation Day of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) with usual gaiety, in a virtual mode.

CSIR-NISCAIR & CSIR-NISTADS Celebrate 79th CSIR Foundation Day

79th CSIR Foundation Day and the conclusion of the Hindi Month Celebration on 26 September 2020 organised virtually on MS teams by CSIR-NISCAIR and CSIR-NISTADS.

CSIR Celebrates 79th Foundation Day

“It is indeed a privilege to be associated with CSIR in any capacity and you all have the great privilege of working for CSIR” — says Dr Harsh Vardhan

World Contraception Day (26 September 2020)

Celebrating 30 Years of Effective & Affordable Contraception.

CSIR Young Scientist Awardees Confabulation

CSIR-Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC), Ghaziabad, organising CSIR Young Scientist Awardees Confabulation on 29 September 2020.

CSIR-CECRI Celebrates 73rd Foundation Day

CSIR-CECRI (Central Electrochemical Research Institute), Karaikudi, celebrated its 73rd Foundation Day on 25 July 2020 on a virtual platform. 

IMTECH conducts Webinar on Bio-methodology of Laboratory Animals

CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH) on 11 June 2020 conducted a Webinar Series on “Bio-methodology of Laboratory Animals” under “CSIR Integrated Skill Development Programme” for Human Resource Development (HRD).

International Yoga Day 2020, Yoga for a Healthy Body & Mind

This year, the 6th edition of the International Yoga Day was celebrated around the theme “Ghar Ghar mein Yog” or “Yoga at Home, Yoga with Family”, signifying the importance of staying at home to practice social distancing and curbing the spread of COVID-19. 

CSIR-HRDC Organises MS Teams & Plantation Programmes

CSIR-HRDC (Human Resource Development Centre), Ghaziabad, organised a series of ‘MS Teams Familiarisation Programmes’.

CSIR-NCL Celebrates International Women’s Day

CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, celebrated the International Women’s Day by organising various activities including a half-day symposium on “Women in Science” on 9 March 2020.

CSIR-NISCAIR’s Online Competitions for Students Receive Overwhelming Response

In view of the lockdown conditions prevailing throughout the country, to enthuse and involve students more closely in issues pertaining to the coronavirus outbreak and COVID-19 disease, the CSIR-National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (CSIR-NISCAIR), New Delhi announced online competitions on the theme “Coronavirus: An Invisible Enemy”. 

Shri U. Raja Babu Delivers the National Science Day Lecture at CSIR-NCL

CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, celebrated the National Science Day with a lecture by Shri U. Raja Babu, Project Director, Mission Shakti, DRDO, Hyderabad, on “Technological Challenges: Missile and Space Defence” on 28 February 2020. 

CSIR-CBRI Awakens Students on National Science Day

CSIR-Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee, organised a Student-Scientist Connect Programme under Jigyasa on National Science Day.

International Women’s Day Lecture “Women Health: It Takes Two to Tango”

As part of the International Women’s Day celebrated on 8 March every year, CSIR-NISCAIR (National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources) and CSIR-NISTADS (National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies), New Delhi, jointly organised a lecture on “Women Health: It Takes Two to Tango” on 5 March 2020.

Important Awareness Days Observed by CSIR-CBRI under JIGYASA

CSIR-Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee, observed various awareness days under JIGYASA: Student-Scientist Connect Programme.

Thacker Memorial Lawn Tennis Tournament at CSIR-CEERI

The Thacker Lawn Tennis Tournament was organised during 17-20 December 2019 at the CSIR-Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-CEERI), Pilani.

CSIR-NCL Celebrates 70th Foundation Day

CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR-NCL), Pune, celebrated its 70th Foundation Day on 6 January 2020.